Impact Dental is a laboratory full of highly skilled individuals that aims to give its clients the best possible result.

With over 20 years experience and breaking into the digital scene 5+ years ago we try too keep our technicians one step ahead and as highly skilled as possible.

We have built up our reputation through word of mouth nationwide through our high quality work.

We are a DAMAS certified lab, DLA & ITero approved.

Impact was created by Michael Hamer

Digital Guided Surgery 

As a mostly digital lab we run multiple CADCAM suites, giving us the opportunity to create all jobs asked of us, using the most expensive materials on the market to ensure the best possible end result. 

We are an Implant specialist with over 20+ years experience, using our knowledge and suite makes this area our speciality.

we now offer fully a fully guided 3D printed stent service, using our highly trained technicians in partnership with a Dentist, we create hastle free stents using the Dentists CT scan/Dicom files.

Ceramic Restorations
3D Printing
Crowns & Bridges

We can provide restorative options for single crowns, veneers and multi-unit bridges. We are up to date with all the latest equipment and technology to give our clients a high quality aesthetics service

We are an ITero registered lab with 3D printers ready to print all applications including inter oral scanned models, feel free to enquire.

Our ceramists have 20+ years experience working with porcelain or Emax to create the perfect crown/bridge to your specifications, From NP too Zirconia we do it all!